Industrial Equipment, Hudson, NC

We are equipped to assist with the design, manufacturing and installation of your industrial equipment in Hudson.

Industrial Equipment in Hudson, North Carolina
When you operate industrial equipment at your facility, it is important that you know the equipment is well-built and ready for safe operation. At Reid Fabricators Inc., we are equipped to assist with the design, manufacturing and installation of your industrial equipment in Hudson, North Carolina, so you can continue to provide products and services for your customers.

  • Ovens – If you own and operate a commercial business or facility that requires an industrial-grade oven to dry your products, then you have come to the right place at Reid Fabricators Inc. Our experience working with a variety of different suppliers, retailers and facilities gives us the upper hand when it comes to manufacturing industrial equipment of this caliber.
  • Dry Kilns – At Reid Fabricators Inc., we can supply you with new dry kilns or do restoration on your old dry kilns to bring them up to date.  RFI can replace or repair panels, fans, decking, steam pipes, electric and air vents and doors.  We can also work on anything in the control room or install a brand new kiln.
  • Lumber Handling Systems – If you manufacture and supply lumber to your customers, then you know that having properly working equipment at all times is essential. We not only create lumber handling systems customized to meet your needs, but we will also service your equipment, should you require special maintenance or repairs.
  • Finishing Room Systems – We can build a new finishing room system and #1 DeBurgh, #2 DeBurgh, as well as In-Floor Systems.  We also build overhead monorail systems, ovens and spray booths.  RFI can also repair any existing system you have.
  • Warehouse Conveyor Systems – We can install a brand new 3″ or 4″ overhead monorail system to fit your needs or repair what you currently have.  This includes turns, drives, take-ups and hangers.

Contact us at Reid Fabricators Inc. today for more information about our industrial equipment and how we can help you supply your customers with the products and materials they need. We are proud to say that all of our products and equipment are made in the USA, and we look forward to working with you!



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